Kavi Sammelan Sunday May 1, 2022

Weekly Temple Programs

Upcoming Programs in May 2022

Sponsorships & Donations

Following events can be sponsored by callingĀ Temple TeamĀ  at (408) 738 8273 or
e-mail at shivdurgatemple9@gmail.com
or PayPal here.
Special family days as birthdays or anniversaries

Shiva Abhishekam Every Monday: $151.00
Satya Narayan Katha & Pooja on Poornima : $151.00
Mata Ki Chauki on last Friday of the Month : $501.00
Mahaprashad (Preetibhoj) on any occasion add : $351.00

Sponsoring / Donations of Supply of Plates , Glasses , Spoons,
Bowls , Paper Towel , Napkins , Tissue Papers, Water, and Hand Sanitizers, etc. are also welcome.

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